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Velveteen Videos

Our Story

From Dream to Srcreen

Hey there! Welcome to Velveteen Videos, where a duo turned their love for stories and teaching into a creative powerhouse right here in Northern Virginia. It’s just us, a husband-and-wife team, crafting videos that turn learning into an adventure. Armed with imagination, years of experience, and a heartfelt belief in the power of education, we’re on a mission to make every video not only informative but downright engaging. Step inside and discover how we bring a bit of our magic to the learning experience.

Founder/ Owner

Gabbin’ About Gabby

Gabrielle Altman is the founder, owner and operator of Velveteen Videos. Gabrielle has a business degree and manages the scheduling, contracting and financial operations of her company. In addition, she’s a licensed transcriber and can type so quickly that she has accidentally cracked the case of her laptop!

Gabrielle loves gardening and has an unhealthy obsession with nutcrackers.

Founder/ Videographer

Speakin’ of Sam

Sam Altman has been a professional motion graphics artist, animator and videographer since 2002. Sam’s also been writing scripts and editing videos for just as long. He’s won several awards over the decades, including a regional Emmy nomination in the National Capital/Chesapeake Bay Chapter.

Sam’s equal parts artist and nerd, knowing admittedly way too much about Leonardo – both the painter and the ninja turtle.