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Everyone has a story – what’s yours?

Hey there, welcome Velveteen Videos! We’re Gabby & Sam —the husband-and-wife duo behind the lens, diving into every project with heaps of experience and heart.

Around here, we’re all about making motion graphics and animations that pop off the screen. But that’s not all we’ve got up our sleeves. Whether it’s crafting the perfect script, capturing those must-have moments on video, or piecing together your story in the editing suite, we’re ready for the adventure.

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Past Works

From visually stunning animations that bring lessons to life to intricately crafted live events that foster interactive learning, our portfolio reflects the diverse and impactful stories we’ve had the privilege to tell. Join us on a journey through our past projects, and witness the transformative power of education through our lens.

Team Velveteen shooting videos in the infamous Luray caverns!

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Creating titles screens for Woodsy Owl, the Forest Service & more.

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Our Process

From the first sketch to the final cut, your vision sets the stage, and our process brings it to life. We listen, we collaborate, and we deliver – ensuring the final product isn’t just what you wanted, but something a little extra special.


Discover & Plan

First, we sit down with you (virtually, with a good ol’ cup of coffee) to chat about your vision. We discover what makes your educational content tick and plan out the video that’s going to best resonate with your audience. It’s all about understanding your needs and bringing them to life.


Create & Refine

With the blueprint in hand, we roll up our sleeves and get to the fun part – creating. This is where our decades of experience come into play. We animate, we film, we edit – breathing life into the ideas we’ve mapped out. But it’s not all about the first cut; we refine until it feels just right.


Deliver & Delight

The grand finale is all about delivering a video that not only meets your expectations but adds that extra sprinkle of Velveteen charm. We ensure that the final product is something that delights, educates, and captivates, ready for you to share with the world.